Achieving Self-Reliance by Climbing Higher

Hannibal Enterprises Ltd. was founded by Robert Scott Jones to publish literary works and to engage in events and activities that promote the philosophy and principles of self-help.  On Emancipation Day the vast majority of black slaves had no where to go and no monetary means to finance daily survival or distant dreams. Racial segregation and racist stereotypes insured black race denial and denigration. With virtually no societal privileges or access to resources, the black ex-slaves had to learn to depend upon themselves for survival and well-being. Central to self-reliance are the concepts of Work, Save and Educate. 


 Work:  Honest work, adds value to the person, family and community. All honest work is honorable, the bricklayer and the surgeon both work with their hands. Work, honest work, and a rigorous work ethic recognizes that work is not simply a matter of survival but is a matter of improvement and a means to grasp opportunities.

Save: We are daily bombarded and tempted to live beyond our means. We fall prey to purchasing trappings and trinkets of prosperity we can not afford. This may lead to burdens of debt that rob us of our peace of mind, our children’s inheritance and the ability to be generous to the causes in which we believe. My hands can not buy everything my eyes appreciate.

Educate:  Education is the surest path to self-reliance and prosperity. Perhaps not in terms of great monetary gain, but in terms of personal satisfaction and a rewarding life. The ancestors of African Americans viewed education as liberation; a means to escape the miseries of sharecropping, hopelessness and inheritable poverty.