Our Mission

Hannibal Enterprises Ltd. was founded by Robert Scott Jones to publish literary works and to engage in events and activities that promote the philosophy and principles of self-help. On Emancipation Day the vast majority of black slaves had no where to go and no monetary means to finance daily survival or distant dreams. Racial segregation and racist stereotypes insured black race denial and denigration. With virtually no societal privileges or access to resources, the black ex-slaves had to learn to depend upon themselves for survival and well-being. There were no public welfare or unemployment benefits, social security payments, grants, health insurance or free clinics, subsidies, back pay or bank loans or inherited family money. Meaningful public assistance is an acceptable tenet in democratic ideals. But denied justice and democratic ideals, black people in America with their hands and minds and hard work began the process of uplifting the race. Hannibal Enterprises Ltd. is dedicated to lend voice, creativity and resources to the historic call to do for ourselves; to join hand and heart with those historic and contemporary voices that sought and today seeks to help free our race from dependency, discrimination, low-expectations, negative stereotypes and broadly failing to achieve the possibilities of individual and communal economic empowerment. The Civil Rights Movement is not over. It will remain incomplete until the denied are included, and equality reaches beyond racial integration into the realm of genuine economic integration.